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Rotating out of the roster for our Survival Games maps, Forsaken Ascension is being shelved for now. Forsaken Ascension is definitely too big of a map for our small community right now, with 40 active slots for players. I wanted to cycle out this map with something original, and what I believe has never been done before: A backrooms Survival Games map.

This map, created by VHSVince, has iconic locations featured in the popular video created by Kane Pixels on YouTube. I've taken the original horror map and tweaked its layout along with its custom resource pack to fit the needs of a Survival Games arena. And yes, you will need to download the custom resource pack available in the Survival Games lobby in order to get the full experience. The map is fully out and ready to be played and tested, so hop on and give it a try!

Hope you enjoy the new map! - Doge


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