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I'm proud to announce that my Minecraft server, CHARON MC, is now publicly available!


Featuring classic game modes like Spleef, Survival Games, and the newly added Zombies, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Join now with the IP:

Don't forget, this server is still new and needs help from players like you in order to be great! Join the discord to submit bug and player reports to not only help the server thrive, but also to be rewarded for your help!

Now, you've seen/played our other game modes, Survival Games and Spleef, but this Zombies game? It's brand new! I'll let our Zombies game mode developer MessedUpPerfect tell you all about it.


Hello! I'm MessedUpPerfect, the developer for our brand new game mode Zombies! What is Zombies you ask? Zombies is a solo or up to a 4-player co-op game mode where you survive waves of zombies, get money, and try to last as long as possible.

Currently, Zombies has over 35 unique guns and two maps. One of the maps is a classic map from Call of Duty World at War zombies, NACHT DER UNTOTEN, and the other is a map from the old days of Minecraft, Temple of Notch.

Will you strive to stay on top of our public leaderboard? Will you even survive the hoards of zombies waiting for you? Join and find out now on I look forward to seeing you kill some zombies!

That's all we have for you this time around, we hope you all have a great time on Charon! From the whole Charon team, thanks for reading!


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