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With the release of the closed beta on Friday, the first version of CHARON will be revealed! On this page, you'll be able to see when any major updates are made to the server, along with any announcements regarding CHARON. This Friday, anyone who has signed up on Discord to join the closed beta will be whitelisted and added to the server, allowing them to be the first players on CHARON. If you haven't signed up, there's still time! Feel free to join the Discord and sign up from now until the beta is closed. Every player that joins the beta will receive a unique role in the Discord server, along with an exclusive rank on CHARON itself. All that's needed to sign up is your Java account username, no big application to fill out! With that out of the way, let's talk about what to expect for this first release of CHARON!


The classic Survival Games needs no introduction. Gather up your friends and compete to be the last man standing in this blood sport. For now, Survival Games is using a temporary lobby until the custom hub is done being built. As soon as it's done, it'll be implemented and used from then on.


With the initial launch of CHARON, you can expect to play on 5 different maps, some being classics, like the Survival Games Ultimate map pictured above, and others being more modern. All maps are currently Free For All only, team maps are being looked into for the future. Along with those maps, you'll find 15 unique kits to purchase and unlock, each having their own items and abilities. More kits will be added in the future, along with new maps being rotated in and out. Of course, you can find any future changes right here on


The other half of the server focuses on another classic minigame, Spleef. Top the leaderboards and earn money by defeating other players across 3 different game modes: Spleef, Splegg, and Bow Spleef. There are currently 8 maps total across the three modes, with more planned for the future. The main goal of the Spleef addition to the server is to give you, the player, something to do when Survival Games lobbies are empty, as Spleef matches require less players. Use the money you earn from winning matches to buy cosmetics, upgrades to your Splegg shovel, and even kits in Survival Games. Your balance is universal on CHARON, so feel free to use your prize money wherever you may want. (Spleef is also using a temporary lobby, sorry!)

That's all I have to say for the first launch of CHARON, I hope to see you all there this Friday at 4 PM, EST, and to those that have already signed up for the beta, thank you. It means so much to me that you're looking to try out a project I've put my heart into for these past few weeks. It makes my day :) - Doge


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